Scion's Installation 5 - San Jose - This Friday

Scion Installation Five: Self-Portrait San Jose Preview from Scion ART on Vimeo.

Scion Art Tour: Self-Portrait

Scion’s Installation 5 Art Tour, which will benefit Creative Capital, arrives in San Jose, Calif. in June. The opening reception will take place Friday, June 5 from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. at Anno Domini, 366 S. First St, San Jose, CA 95113. Artists Ian Lynam and Peter Glover will be in attendance. DJ Basura will be spinning.

The fifth installment of Scion’s Installation Art Tour was launched in October 2008. The program is designed to give exposure to both established and emerging artists. Installation 5: Self Portraits highlights a diverse array of artists from around the world and will visit nine cities in total including Miami, New York, Portland, Minneapolis, San Jose, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The tour features new markets Phoenix and Detroit, where the show kicked off.

With Self Portraits By:
AJ Fosik, Alex Hornest, Andrew Schoultz, Angela Boatwright, Asylum, Blek Le Rat, Christina M. Felice, Codak, David Choe, David O'Brien, Edwin Ushiro, El Yem, Eriberto Oriol, Eye One, Francesco LoCastro, French, Ian Lynam, J.Shea, Jamel Shabazz, Jeff Soto, Kelsey Brookes, Kofie, Lisa Alisa, Logan Hicks, Mark Mothersbaugh, Nicholas Harper, Patrick Martinez, Peter Beste, Peter Glover, Retna, Rick Rodney, Rob Abeyta, Jr., Ron English, Saber, Sage Vaughn, Skypage, Something In The Universe, Souther Salazar, Stormie Mills, Tessar Lo, Todd Tourso, Too Tall Jahmal, Usugrow, Will Barras, Yoskay Yamamoto

For Installation 5 each artist was asked to create his or her literal, or non-literal interpretation of the theme 'Self-Portraits'. Video art will be included for the first time in the tour’s five-year history, alongside painting and photography.

First Friday, June 5th, 2009 | 8PM - 12AM

Attending Artists: PETER GLOVER and IAN LYNAM
Music Provided by DJ BASURA

ANNO DOMINI | 366 SO. First Street | San Jose, CA 95113 | 408.271.5155
Gallery Hours | Tues-Fri, Noon-7PM | Sat, Noon-5PM | galleryad.com

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