Needless to say, I am pretty upset...

Well they came and went just like a summer time breeze, and once again I missed a great opportunity, but can't say I am to surprised as the majority of collectors that hunt after Huck's stuff get disappointed because they go sooooo fast! Huck sent out a newsletter stating "Available RIGHT NOW!", and continued to say that he had a couple cases of MAD*Ls sitting in the backroom for a while now and although they are already knee deep in a couple of other big projects, they thought it would be fun to dig these out and do something simple and clean with them. He says that they played around with other color combos but just kept coming back to the original. So... these went fast and there were only 10 of these amazing 10" MAD*L replications of his 5" version he did a few years back...which is also in the picture above. These sold for $400 each, so I can't be to upset about not spending that kind of cash. Congrats to those that picked this up!

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