3D Sketchbot MAD*l video by Steve Talkowski

Sketchbot DIY MadL from Steve Talkowski on Vimeo.

Above is a RAD 3d rendering of a project that Steve Talkowski aka Sketchbot started out as a proof-of-concept for setting up the Sketchbot blinking eye rig(watch the video, you'll understand). Steve continues to say "I haven't started to rig up the bot itself, and thought I'd apply the animated texture map to a 3d MAD*L that I cranked out. I've been in a 3d customizing mode the past week, and figured I'd explore my first MAD*L concept. Possible candidate for the next artist series?" Sure Steve is saying this in some jest, but for real, it would be an awesome production MAD*L, and that video is really cool.

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