Bunnee B7 by DLi$h of Delicious Drips

If you ever wondered what happened to the Bunnee that modeled the Antique Brushed Copper Tutorial then look no further. We proudly present the Bunnee B7. Built off the Toy2r Bunnee Qee 8 figure, the B7 comes equipped with two vapor tanks, X-Ray vision optics, and ultra thick armored copper. The B7 was built to withstand nuclear attack, hence his ESD resistant circuitry and EMP blocking technology.

The B7 is part of the Vapor Squadron Collection. This Collection consists of two other figures including the Munny M8 (which is going to the Just Blazed Munny Grubbers Show), and the Robolucha x Skully R6 (bound for Germany in the Robolucha World Tour).

The B7 is painted with acrylic paint. Other materials include:

  1. Encaps for chair leggings to cap off back pack
  2. 3/8 Thick copper tubing for gas mask
  3. Various size copper plumbing fittings
  4. Copper wire for chest inserts
  5. Custom goggles made of sculpey and fastened with flat head screws

If you are interested in puchasing this piece, you can find
it in the Delicious Drips Store Gallery for just $109.99.

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