Win a custom 3" hand painted Hoi'ashu Samurai Dunny by John Paul Kaiser

So have you all been in complete admiration of JPK's work, and think toy yourself "i will never own one of these sweet customs" well think again because all you need to do is answer a few simple questions(yeah right) and this can be all yours!

Here is the skinny from JPK:
"Hello all! Here's a new custom I did, inspired by a chat with CrisR, who advised me to add a subtle bit of color. Can you see it?

Anyway this guy is going to be a giveaway! I love quizzes, so I'm giving you until until 09.00 GMT tomorrow (2nd April) to answer 10 questions and a tie-breaker question to win him. Some of these will be guesses to keep it all fair."

Answers need to be emailed to jonpaulkaiser@hotmail.com, where the first with all 10 correct wins, or the highest score at 9 tomorrow. Good luck!

1). Which English King fought at the Battle of Crecy?
2). Which film star lives in the same town as me? (Ibstock)
3). Who sculpted Porlzilla's Ozzel figure?
4). According to the Great Sage in Vortigern's Machine, who would win in a fight between a Polar Bear and an Octopus?
5). What was the first art toy I bought?
6). Which actor links The Phantom Menace and Withnail & I?
7). What is the occupation (part-time) of my Gawain Wagstaff custom?
8). ...And what toy was used for the custom?
9). Which toy (in my opinion) most resembles me (apart from having hair)?
10). How old am I?

Tie breaker;-
What is my brother's name?

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