WiiSpray Teaser of Final Presentation - URBAN games

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

What is the WiiSpray project?
Basically it is not about replacing real graffiti as a form of art. WiiSpray is rather to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level outside of the real existing world.

The symbiosis of digital and analog as well as of the social network and overcoming distances. Everyone can use it, nothing is being sprayed on or being destroyed. Only you decide what to save because everything is virtual.

The actual tool of the artist – the spraying can – is maintained in its shape, functions and haptics. On the other hand a new interface for creativity is created aside of the usual input options on a computer.It is self-explanatory, does not ask for a manual and therefore does not have to studied or understood. The project “WiiSpray” is not just a hardware interface but also a software. This software stimulated the real act of spraying, offers a wide range of colors, different caps as well as the possibility to use you own backgrounds (photos, graphics, etc.).

The artworks created with the WiiSpray are not just temporary. You can save them on the server and take a look at them and work on them anytime. The WiiSpray provides a framework of different possibilities yet without any specifications on how to use it. Every user decides for themselves what his or her creative expressions might be.

WiiSpray is basically independent of platforms and is based on Adobe Flash, a WiiiFlash server, and standard Wii technology.

After building a prototype the technology will be improved and brought to perfection in the course of this thesis by Martin Lihs. Prof. Dr. Jens Geelhaar, Prof. Ursula Damm and research associate Jan Sieber will supervise the project. Collected experiences, new ideas and features will be included in the developing process. Furthermore, a new prototype will be built which will allow for working on a larger canvas as well as working collaboratively. WiiSpray, a technical experiment with a lot of potential for expansion and application.(Thanks Muana ;-)

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