Wazo : The Thinker by Tim Lockhart

It is really cool to get aspiring artists emails with their designs in hand and anxious to show off what they have created, and this is the case with Tim Lockhart. This is his first crack at a designer toy...with the name being called Wazo. Wazo is Swahili for thought, reflect, or ponder. While Wazo has a talk bubble above his head saying something, his has are behind is back with something contradicting his words - Like saying I promise and have your fingers crossed.

Posted above are some recent photos and a video to come shortly. As you can see he is still working on him, where Wazo is semi-sculpted, very rough, and needs to add a little detail then smooth him out. After he gets that where he wants it the next step is to make the mold and casting him. Let me know what you all think, give Tim some feedback...it is so useful!

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