Rotund Mk1 "X Custom" for Resin Collective

So after swearing a code of secrecy to Red Hot Robot, Cris Rose decided to hold back his two main pieces until just before the show, a Rotund Mk1 "X Custom" under glass for Wednesday April 8th unveiling, and a Runcible Mk1 "X Custom" under glass for the opening on Saturday April 11th, entitled "Runcible Remembers". So seeing as it is 12:01am 4/08/09, here ya go!!

A little explanation of his X Customs concept:
"From the very first sketch, I wanted my robots to exist in a persistent world, one that I could explain and explore through their resin incarnations. At the same time, I wanted to ensure that i was producing affordable versions of my characters so that as many people as possible could enjoy my artworks. Therefore I decided to create 3 versions of my figures, the "Edition" that would come in runs of 5 - 20, the "Custom" that would be one-off but affordable, and the "X Custom", a unique little bubble of their universe that showed them interacting with it and continuing their story. Initially X Customs are only being supplied to galleries and shows as the time and care taken over each one is extremely high, but I may be taking commissions of them in the near future. Please contact me for details at cris@crisrose.co.uk if interested.

X02 and X03 have been supplied to Red Hot Robot's Resin Collective show and are intended as a set (though maybe purchased separately)"

The Resin Collective show is being held at Red Hot Robot, Pheonix Az on Saturday April 11th, running until May 9th. For more information please check out Red Hot Robot or contact Jason Kiningham at redhotrobot@cox.net.

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