News from Muttpop - King Katch, Tequila 2.0 etc.

Waddup folks! It's been incredible reuniting with Monster5 on the King Katch sculpt. We've worked with many talented sculptors. But Monster5 has a very special place in our Luchador hearts as the original sculptor of Tequila, El Panda, and Red Demon. We're still a ways away from a King Katch release, but be sure to see the latest King Katch updates on our blog.

Unlike our production Kozik figures, Kozik used his very own sweat and tears to apply paint to these uber-rare figures. No Communist Laborers were used in the spray-painting of these figures (unless Kozik hired some in San Francisco!). Kozik painstakingly masked the details of El Panda figures with tape. He sprayed them in neon hues of blue and pink and topped it all off with funky gold commie hats.

No two figures are alike. Kozik hand signed them all. And they come in a nifty Kozik X Muttpop designed bag with header card.

Only 66 exist on planet Earth. Want one? Email us at info@muttpop.com with "ME WANT EL EMPEROR!" in the subject line. Buyers will be picked via a lottery system and payment will be arranged through PayPal. $200 for US buyers (shipping included). $220 for Non-Americanos (shipping included).

Tequila, the first Muttpop figure is back! We thought it was due time to remind Designer Toy aficionados of the Tequila drinkin' trailer park masked wrestler that started Muttpop and our beloved Lucha Libre line. This time around, he comes with improved colors and a lil' blood (or is that ketchup?) on his poncho and right fist of fury.

You can purchase Tequila 2.0 for $60 at finer Designer Toy Stores worldwide. We have also added Tequila 2.0 to our webstore.

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