Nerviswr3k 's latest custom - BADAPPEL

Featured here before Nerviswr3k has been busy at work really killing it latly with all of his customs. This time around BADAPPEL was created for the Shoparooni Easter Munny Custom Show which kicks off today!!! This custom really caught my eye, and Nerviswr3k really has a great attention to detail.

Here is what he had to say about the creaton process:
"Well the idea came when I opened a munny I bought and it had the weird dunny hat accessory and i took one of the ears to the hat and it looked like a worm to me, so it just clicked after that...make it a bad apple with the worm on the side!

I cut the side and the top of the Munny and stuffed it with foil and gave it a basic apple shape on the top and the bite marks as well. The bite was easier than I thought. Then I made him a mouth and eyes out of sculpey. After that I made him his Cuban cigar cuz bad mo'fos only smoke the best! lol Then for the body I gave him a hoodie with some Levi's and some Pumas as well, all done with super sculpey, painted with acrylics and used real leaves to give it that extra touch! Overall he took me about 6 days working on it here and there!"

I am sure there will be more pictures of all the great customs from this event at Shoparooni, and possibly a chance to be able to purchase these great customs online...not quite sure yet. Either way there is some great talent out there and Nerviswr3k is no exception! Keep up the amazing work man, your pieces are looking super tight and keep getting better and better!

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