Stefan Bucher's Daily Monster #92

From Stefan's Blog:
Monster 92 is steppin' out. He's young. He's hip. He's severely foreshortened! Where is this young buck off to? Does he live in a universe that allows horrible puns, leaving him to be named Tony Monstero? I sure hope not! What is his story?

We are about to head into the final week of the Daily Monster. Everything is building to Monster 100, who will be revealed on Sunday the 25th. After that begins the work of selecting the stories for the 100 DAILY MONSTER book. So many of you have crossed the threshold this week and started contributing stories and I'm glad you did. You posted great stuff and I hope you'll stay with the monsters for the final stretch. If you're still on the sidelines, I hope you'll use this last week to jump into the breach
as well. Find a quiet moment and please...

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