On Site: Pushers Show at Munky King

The Pushers Show opening at Munky King was last night and SpankyStokes.com affiliate Mike aka Nebulon5 was on hand to get us some awesome pictures for this show. He reported back saying that it was a great show with so much talent, the turnout was awesome and it was an all around great show opening. All of the pics taken look great and it is fun to see the artists styles transfer over to this particular platform! Talk about talent...

Look at this list of artist that participated:
Joe Shea, Nathan Spoor, Elizabeth Ito, Marka27, Kii Arens, Racecar13, Axis, Brandt Peters, Dave Pressler, Paintmonster, Luke Cheuh, Blinky, Lana Crooks, Codak, Urban Medium, Moe Radke, Angry Woebots, Thomas Han, Nanami Cowdroy, Craig Barker, Ray Brown, Zoso, Peekaboo, Foox, Miss Mindy, Yoskay Yamamoto, Tako-Mon, Mari Inukai, Scott Belcastro, The Pizz, Dave Bondi, Antikillers, Cj Metzger, La Pride, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Jesse Hernandez, Jim Mahfood, Retna, Plex Lowery, SANO, Le Merde, Ruel Brown, Martin Ontiveros & Lark Pien, and many others!
This was Munky King's first group show of 2009, and they started it off with a bang using the popular ‘Pusher’ figure by Thomas Han. This figure started out as a blank DIY form, and each one of these artists did what they do best...customize! For many more pictures taken from the event click HERE, and check them all out. I want to thank Nebulon5 once again for taking such great pictures on such a tight schedule...now get some sleep dude!

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