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The Orange Octopus (That's Bad At Maths) *SOLD*

The latest release from master customizer Cris Rose just released today, and for $160 this custom marvel could be yours. Check out all the detail on this awesome piece, and keep in mind all of these parts are totally hand made...RAD!

A description from Cris:
"Runcible loves to build and repair things; he also loves to scavenge parts and build himself different bodies for different tasks - here we see one of Runcible's first attempts at making a body to double his productivity... with a second set of arms!"

"With 7 limbs, 5 of them building at once, you can imagine good lubrication would be on his mind (hense a head full of oil)."

Head on over to Cris's online store right now to make the purchase. All of his products sell out super fast, so if you are diggin what you see, then don't hesitate! Awesome job once again, you are an outstanding artist, and it is really cool to follow you as you make your vision a reality!

***SOLD OUT!***
I told you these sell out fast! Hahaha, congrats Cris!

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