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INTERVIEW - Nerviswr3k gets down on some customs, and answers some questions!

I recently had the pleasure to interview an artist who's work I found to be really amazing! Nerviswr3k has been showing off his amazing custom toys on the Kidrobot message board for some time now, and they all have been getting alot of attention. His molding skills are top notch and the creatures/figures he creates are one of a kind. Please take some time and CLICK THROUGH for many more awesome customs as well as some great questions to help you understand what makes this artist tick...so please sit back, relax, and ENJOY!!!!

1. Hey man, tell us a little about who you are and where you are from.
Hello to everyone out there. My name is NERVISWR3K and I am currently residing in Phoenix, Az but am originally from the border town of EL Paso, Tx , I have been doing art since like 3rd or 4th grade and ever since then, I've been hooked. I focus mainly on custom toys nowadays but dabble in graff and painting with oils and acrylics as well. Pretty much ill paint on anything that i get my hands on. My first custom was done in September of '08 and found i was pretty good at it and it was fun too. Just the feeling of creating your own toy, it was mindblowin.

2. Is there anyone who really inspires you in the vinyl toy and/or art world, and do you have any of their pieces in your personal collection?
Gosh man, there are so many artists that I feel inspired by! In the vinyl toy world it would be probably and this is a no brainer, Huck Gee. Next would be Mad for givin us the Madl. Suckadelic, Kano, Sam Flores for his Fatima figure, and TokyoPlastic. Last but not least mutherfucken Eric Scarecrow. That guy inspires me to be my own boss one day!!! In the art world, I would say Craola, nuff said. I own the Huck Gee "Akuma Bomb", Q Bert Dunny, ESC's Kissaki, Kano's Moneygrip, Mad's BentWorldVandals, and my favorite toy of them all,the TokyoPlastic Geisha.

3. What made you choose the mediums you use...sculpey, and did you have formal training on how to make this art?
Well, super sculpey is my fave because u can change you character on a massive scale with just a lil bit of sculpey. Plus once i started using this stuff, it was so easy for me to get comfortable with it as far as molding and sculpting.As far as formal training, i took a semester of character study which helped me on polishing my sculpting skills.

4. What are you currently working on, and what is your favorite platform?
I am currently workin on a MOD 1 which I'm experimenting on the paint scheme. He has been sitting on my desk for a while now. i also did this VW bus Munny that I had to re-strip and paint again because it looked so beat up. Also I'm making my own toys based off of this Geisha character that I made!

5. What can we look forward to from you in the future?
I'm gonna push for gettin 2 customs out per month!!( yeah right!) Also you can look out for my own toy design coming in the near future. I love Geisha's and my concept is based off that.. Workin on some t shirt designs but are not quite ready to be unleashed.Other than that people, you can expect some fun and wicked customs for you to enjoy and possibly take home!!!LOL My work is currently on display and for sale at RED HOT ROBOT in Phoenix, AZ. Big thank you to them for supporting me and big respect to SpankyStokes for this opportunity!

6.Do you do commission work?
I am indeed open to commission work as far as art goes.If you are interested in my work and want to see more hit me up on these links. Thanks alot.

And now...7 "Quick fire" questions:
1. What is your fullname and/or nickname?

2. Where were you where born?
El Paso

3. Who taught you the most in life?

4. Who is your current favorite band?

5. What's your favorite movie?

6. What's your favorite food?
TUNA ( in oil, not water!)

7. Who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas?
That's a tough one, I'm gonna say ninjas! Peace

I would personally like to thank Nerviswr3k for taking the time to answer all of these questions for this interview and provide all of these awesome photos of his work. I am sure we will be seeing alot more of his customs in the near future, so keep an eye out for this great artist!

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