"Keep an Eye on the Sky" custom by Cris Rose

These observation drones watch the skies from the forest and get covered in leaves in the process. No one knows how old they are, or what they're looking for, but with a camera that big, you know they're gonna see it!

Wave 1 is here, limited to 5 colors, each 1/1. These go on sale @ 18:00 GMT on Thursday 12th Feb - for $60 each, and each 1/1 customs with their own unique damage and circuitry. All the materials used were Vinyl, Resin, Metal, Acrylics, Spraypaint, and the first wave of colors are pictured above, and are categorized as Metallic Black, Steel Grey, Magic Blue, Berry Pink and Mars Red! For more pics and info, check out Cris's Flickr HERE, and to make the purchase on Thrsday visit his store HERE!

Cris Notes that "These customs are hybrids of Vinyl and Resin. Because of this, they are slightly top-heavy and may fall over if not positioned correctly. Due to the brittle nature of the resin parts, please ensure they are not dropped or allowed to topple as they are likely to break. Every one is hand made, hand painted and designed to appear old, weathered and damaged. If any of these characteristics are not to your liking, please do not purchase!"

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