OWL Sculpt by Richard of Ume-Toys!

It is always so nice to wake up to morning emails containing awesome stuff, and in the case of today...it was one of those mornings! I was contacted by Richard owner/operator of Ume-Toys, and he let me in on a new project that he is undertaking, with a little help from master toy customizer/creator Okkle to help guide him along the way.

Rich Says that:
"After drawing so many little owls recently I decided it was time to try another custom sculpt...the bullet has well and truly been bitten today. After asking a million and one questions about mould making and resin casting I have placed an order for the needed supplies to start producing the my owl toy blanks. A huge thanks goes out to Okkle for all the great advice and tips."

This awesome OWL figure is about 80mm(3")high (with feet) and 60mm(2") wide and then then there's the wings to add. This is still in the beginning stages as you can see, but as soon i get updates from Richard...they will be posted up here, so keep checking back!


The Kaiser Chief said...

WHAA?!?!!!! Oh man. He is rad. I hope it gets produced. You know who would like this...

Anonymous said...

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