Say When @ Bold Hype Gallery

The artist list includes: R.S. Connett, Ken Garduno, Charlie Immer, Colin Johnson, Andrew James Jones, Ken Keirns, Jason limon, Lola, Bethany Marchman, Dan May, Michael Page, Scott Scheidly, Amy Sol, Nathan Spoor and Martin Wittfooth.

I spotted this flier over at Ken Keirns site, and this looks to be a pretty awesome lineup of artists. You still have a little time to plan for this...seeing as the show is in April and it is only January so you have a good few months to book a flight, and I am sure if you made plans to go, it will be worth your while!

Bold Hype Gallery
Orlando, FL
April 4 - May 10, 2009
"Bold Hype" Currated by Nathan Spoor and Eric Althin


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see R.S. Connett again! I was finally able to see his work in person at the Vanguard Show at Art Basel this year in Miami. He's absolutely incredible! I feel that he blew a lot of the other artists away.
I wish I could afford his work, because I believe that his work is only going to keep increasing in value. I do own one of his prints, though, and that is pretty amazing, too. I bought mine from his website (www.rsconnett.com), but I've heard you can buy his stuff on eBay, too. Someday I'll own an original!!! He seems like a really nice guy, too, and super smart *Check out his writing on his website. It will blow your mind!

SpankyStokes said...

Yeah his work is pretty out of this world...kinda reminds me of Alex Gray, but all of these artists bring something amazing to the table, this is going to be a great show indeed!