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Kombat Kings MK1 S.A.S by 2PetalRose

Kombat Kings MK1 S.A.S
by: 2PetalRose

I posted about 2PetalRose a while back when I fist saw their amazing customs that they created, and now they are getting involved with the creation of their own figure. Above is their first attempt at a figure Kombat Kings MK1 S.A.S. Now this is based on the S.A.S this is the initial sculpt, and more will be revealed at a later date.

A little info behind what S.A.S is:
The Special Air Service (SAS) is the principal special forces organisation of the British Army. Formed in 1941 to conduct raids behind German lines in North Africa, with the Long Range Desert Group, it today serves as a model for similar units fielded by many other countries.

The SAS is a small and secretive organisation, but attracts a disproportionate amount of media coverage. It forms part of the United Kingdom Special Forces, alongside the Special Boat Service (SBS) and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR).

The SAS is widely regarded as one of the finest and best trained special forces units in the world.

I can't argue with he choice on what they are basing their sculpt of, I really dig the whole concept of taking a military strike force and turning them into and awesome designer toy, and to make it their own...this initial sculpt has alot of attitude, and promise, and I am really looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with!

About 2PetalRose - 2PetalRose was set up in early 2008 by Brothers Ben and Liam Scriven.We both have have a passion for art and work on a range of artistic projects so we decided to put it all together and create what is now 2PetalRose.

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