Nanospore x Royal Elastics "Homogeny"

"Homogeny" lifestyle shoe pack
Package includes- Different left and right Sosei shoe(available in a 9, 10, 11, 12). Use of colorful, detailed embroidery on reverse side. Two Homogeny tee's. One Homogeny Scarf; oddly sized and oddly colored. This special DKE offer includes both Homogeny figures that come together to make one. Comes in custom blister-pack. The suggested retail price for this is going to be $260, which seems to be the going rate(DCxSUG), for vinyl figure/shoe packs!

This is a really cool deal though...look at all the stuff you are getting in this package, and I have always been a sucker for the whole two figures that join to make one, I dig that aspect of this, and if you just dig the figure you can buy it separately HERE for $32! The only thing that is not my cup of tea are the shoes, never really been into shoes...but that's just me.

Info from the very great, and amazing DKE Toys. For Wholesale Inquiries about this awesome product please contact www.dketoys.com.

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