“Name Me, Win Me” " We Have a WINNER!!!!!!!


After many long hours of deliberation the BlockHead Brigade decided on a variation of dangerdave's suggestion! "It was sooo tough deciding on a name, but I think we are going to go with a variation on dangerdave's suggestion of El Underbite. We are going to call him El Underbito. :D"

So Congrats to DangerDave, and please Dave if you would send me an e-mail to spankystokes@cox.net to confirm your information!

Thank you all for playing in the naming contest, it was a ton of fun, and please be sure to keep checking back for more contests coming at you live in 2009 from SpankyStokes.com!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody!!!

This contest has been super fun experience and we had a really hard time deciding on a winner. All the names were fantastic and really creative. Congrats DangerDave. Hope you enjoy the MAD*L version of El Underbito. :D Thanks again Spanky for all of your help and thanks for all the support everyone! Keep an eye out for some Luchadorks in the future!