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Hydro74 & My Little Pony?

That's right...uber talented artist/illustrator Joshua, aka HYDRO74, got down with some designs on Hasbro's My Little Pony! I love seeing retro toys come back into style, that seems to be the thing...what has it been 20 years or so. I am just waiting until Comic books come around full circle again...then I will be a millionaire!

He says on his blog:
Well, I was nicely surprised when I was looking through a Hasbro catalog and noticed the Art Pony out for My Little Pony. I have no clue if I get credit for this, but I’ll find out once I drop a order in. If you want one, I believe you can grab it here or look out for them in the store (i guess)
You can pick this awesome "HydroPony" up for around $20, who knows, by the way Joshua work keeps progressing, this could be worth alot of money someday. Congrats on the design man...even though it is a pony...just teasing you a bit :-)!

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