Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Become Monsters "Ate the Wrong Mushroom" piece for 'Game On' @ 1AM Gallery show

 photo WeBecomeMonsters-Mario.jpg
Chris Moore of We Become Monsters just sent over his completed custom for the upcoming 'Game On' show that is taking place at 1am Gallery in San Francisco on March 22nd 2013... and hot damn did it turn out good! Titled "Ate the Wrong Mushroom", this portrayal of our Itallian plumber friend really brings to light what eating too many mushrooms can do to your body! "In a world where flowers can let you spit fireballs, and mushrooms can make you grow instantly or even gain an extra life, eating the wrong mushroom can have terrifying effects." Measuring over 9" tall, this figure was created from a We Become Monsters resin figure "The Hell?" (unreleased, this is somewhat of a debut), along with Acrylic, Epoxy, Wood, a Vinyl Mario 5" figure (the Hat), and plastic eyes... how SWEET! I really dig the transformation that this custom has taken, and I appreciate the attention to detail on this piece... top notch work!