Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scribe's "Rumpicorn" Swanicorn for Daniel Fleres x Dragatomi show!

Not being a biologist, I'm not actually certain how interspecies breeding works… though I imagine it requires some intoxicating Barry White tunes, a roaring fire and several bottles of wine. Regardless, somehow Daniel Fleres's majestic Swanicorn and Scribe's urban savvy "Rumpus Rhino" merged into one magnificent beast: the "Rumpicorn." Created by Scribe for the previously announced "The Gathering" group exhibition at Dragatomi, the pitch black form the of the 7-inch tall resin creation made it difficult to see the wonderful sculpted elements, so I did tweak the brightness in the above picture in Photoshop slightly. But now you can easily see those meticulously crafted parts that put the "Rumpus" in the "Rumpicorn!"

"The Gathering" opens on March 9th, 2013 with a reception from 6-9PM at Dragatomi, 2317 J St., Sacramento, CA 95816.
Participating artists include: Alisa Ross, Daniel Fleres, D.Ross "Scribe," DrilOne, Downtimer, Jason Limon, Jay222, Jerome Lu, Josh "fplus" Pierce, J★RYU, Leecifer, Luke Chueh, Martin Hsu, Matt Linares, Phonetic Control, Shadoe Delgado, Topher, Yosiell Lorenzo and 64 Colors.