Monday, February 4, 2013

Bash Projects's "Chuck Berry & Coco" custom Kidrobot Mascot & 'Bot!

Coming out of nowhere like an oncoming storm, the custom work of Bash Projects continues to make an impact. This piece, "Chuck Berry & Coco," is a 7-inch custom Mascot figure made to resemble a tree with berries atop, which the 3-inch custom 'Bot bird deliciously snacks upon.
Coco loves to eat sweet berries! That's why she loves to pick Chuck's brains.
Chuck Berry is a wooden boy that lives in the woods of Nersville and is born without a great head of leaves, so his berries are always in the open.
With Coco stealing his berries...he constantly has to find new ones to keep his head and stay alive!
A clean and pristine execution, this custom not only has Bash's trademark sawed off body part but, if you'll also note, "Chuck Berry" appears to have had a twig and two berries… though the twig is now absent. A commission piece, this set shows that Bash is in the scene for the long haul… and early supporters are certainly going to be pleased as his star continues to rise and shine.