Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ManOrMonster? Studios's "Shadow Troopers" launch new MOTUMU line!

Brandon Michael Barker (aka ManOrMonster? Studios) has teased a new line of figures that would be completely compatible with his Warlords Of Wor series, since they would both use the same magnetic component system: MOTOMU, or Masters of the Universe Mash-Up. The series will mash-up characters from other media with traditional Masters of the Universe parts, like the above pictured Star Wars & MOTU merged creation: the "Shadow Trooper." This line is set to debut with the "Shadow Trooper" release early in this new year, but the question remains if it will be appearing in the ManOrMonster Studios's online shop or as part of The Clutter Gallery's "(In)action Figure Show"?

[Some information courtesy of the Man-E-News blog.]