Friday, March 16, 2012

*EXCLUSIVE* Reveal of Grimsheep's MW3 Dunny

You heard it here first folks! We're excited to have the exclusive reveal of yet another killer design from the upcoming 'Most Wanted 3' custom Dunny series sent over by curator Manny Rivas, and this yet-to-be-named piece by Grimsheep is destined for legendary status! Grim took his classic skull character and tweaked it, giving it an Asian feel while also a more feminine look. Pretty cool to see him experimenting a bit. It's definitely different in comparison to what he's been doing for the past few years, yet still keeps the style and crisp lines Grim does so well... and with the bright colors and clean finish, this is just a sick custom.
The pre-order for MW3 is all sold out, but there will be some available in April... but be ready for these to sell out in under a minute. They aren't called "Most Wanted" for nothing. If you are serious about getting in on these, hit up their blog or the epic thread on the KR forums to stay up to date or you will miss out!