Are you ready to flip your lid?!? Chauskoskis's "Baby Greasebat," "Birro the Clown" & "Pawnny" 8-inch Dunny figures!!!

I was beginning to feel like I hadn't seen much from Chauskoskis in a little while, but then… BAM! Not one, not two, not even three, FOUR brand new 8-inch Dunny customs by Chauskoskis hit! Pictured above is "Birro the Clown," the first time he's tackled the Kidrobot colorway in this larger size, the vinyl figure having been customized using epoxy, resin, wood, and acrylics. A perfect representation of the iconic character, we find he's done a couple more notables… like an 8-inch version of his Dunny take of the Jeff Lamm designed "Greasebat!" The normally 3-inch tall "Baby Greasebat" looks phenomenal, even unpainted! Based on what we've heard, it sounds like this unique custom Dunny will be added to Chauskoskis's web shop soon; fingers crossed that there will be resin cast versions later! And, finally, the figure that truly put Chauskoskis on the map… his rendition of Coarse Toys's "paw!" figure as a Dunny, the "Pawnny," is back and 8-inches tall! Done in two versions — the classic one arm balanced "Pawnny" and the variant two legs standing "Pawnny" — these will be open edition releases for a limited time! So start saving your pennies now… for when Chauskoskis adds them to his online store, we might only have 24 hours to order these beauties in! And, of course, we'll keep you updated on these amazing pieces!

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