Monday, December 29, 2008

Dok A's 8" Mechtorian Stephan Le Podd "Sweeny Podd" Asian Exclusive

Dok A has confirmed that this is the "Sweeny Podd" version, which is an Asian Exclusive. Also to note this is probably going to be a very small run edition... but nothing confirmed at this point.

So if this is going to be the shape of things to come in the whole scheme of various colorways for Doktor A's Stephan Le Podd figure by MINDstyle...then count me in. These look great and I am a huge fan of red on black, so this look AMAZING! Tell me what do you all think of this?

Dok A had this to say about the different version releases:
"So they are not strictly just different colorways. They are different versions with different hats...

My way of trying to add to the multiple release conundrum..

I have submitted a lot of versions to Mindstyle and they are test painting them all and seeing how practical they are to make. Some have been too complex to pull off. I would like to limit the total number of versions to something like 8 maximum. Bare in mind some of the editions may be real small (50 or maybe 25 only) This is decided by the company not me in the end. I will say there are 5 different hats. They are plug in so will probably be interchangeable but i don't know for sure.

As a collector myself I feel your pain on the colorways issue and am doing my best to limit the unending flood and also add interest to each new version".

Reading this from him...really sets him apart from all the other artists that try and pump out all the multiple colorways...hopefully MINDstyle follows through with his wishes, as I know some artists really have no say in the amount of different colorways the factory/producer makes.

Source [J.ME.]