Teddy Troop Series 3

Vinyl Toy Freaks Forum member Django posted up some awesome shots of Teddy Troops Series 3 that he found from Spade on the KR boards...haha it is kinda like you heard it from who that told you what...but these shots are awesome and really show off the great detail and precision the AdFunture teams constantly produces!

Django says:
Cases have been hitting suppliers and buyers over the Christmas period so 11 of the 12 possible variants have been unveiled.

For reasons unknown, the D*Face design/s have been shelved......rumor has it in favor of a possible 10" release instead, but we'll just have to wait n see on that one.

These all look like top notch designs, and I am really diggin the Skull variant designed by Flying Fortress...this is kinda like the transition of the Dunny that happened in Series 4 with the Huck Gee skull head...awesome stuff here!

Flying Fortress design 1

Flying Fortress design 2

Flying Fortress design 3




Mr Jago


Jeremy Fish


Flying Fortress...CHASE 1

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