Trampt app Re-launch + prize giveaway... sign up NOW!!!

Trampt curates fandoms, generates creator royalties, and rewards collectors... Trampt was started a decade ago by collectors who simply wanted to catalog & showcase creators' work while building community around the things they loved. During the initial craze of NFTs, Trampt noticed the excitement creators had around royalties and the potential reward for value they were constantly generating with their fanbase. While the market shifted and value changed, the core concept remains valid. Unlike NFTs, Trampt is able to take that same idea and apply it to a creator's entire lifetime of physical items and not just new digital artifacts
Understanding royalties weren’t going to be enough to benefit smaller creators, Trampt shifted focus on issues plaguing small creators … too many fees and fighting algorithms. In 2024 Trampt will launch no-cost solutions for creators to sell their work directly on the platform, aggregate existing content from social platforms for greater distribution, and control their promotional & transactional efforts in a single place. For collectors, Trampt blends social discovery and shopping that’s built on the collections members have curated and rewards them for elevating their fandoms through redeemable karma. Beyond following their favorite creators, members can follow platforms like Bearbricks, or tags like #homersimpson to construct a feed of the art & collectibles they obsess over most.
Gain access to hyper-focused collectors, who’ve set alerts for everything they want, and will receive instant notifications when you’re ready to sell or trade items in your collection. Beyond transactions Trampt will reward collectors who participate in growing the community through spendable karma, earned badges, and additional access to their favorite creators. The Trampt app is available in the App store. Begin managing your collection & following your favorite creators, with transactional features coming in the first quarter 2024.
LAUNCH GIVEAWAY – Details & rules at http://trampt.com/feed – To hype the launch of thier new iOS app, they’re giving away three hype items from some of the biggest artists making designer toys. All you have to do is find them in the Trampt app and mark that you want them. That’s it. Giveaway runs until 11:59pm (pst) Dec 25th, 2023 and winners will be announced on Dec 26th on Instagram. - Prizes - ‘Black Changhai Mountain Holiday Companion’ by Kaws • ‘Public Curtis Superboard’ by Bored Ape Yacht Club x Superplastic • ‘Coneman’ by Louis de Guzman x Billionaire Boys Club!

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