HOMMI and Karim Rashid Unveil New Art Toy Collection Inspired by Sci-Fi!!!

HOMMI, an emerging brand creating high-end art toys, and award-winning designer Karim Rashid, unveiled their unique collaboration - HOMMI Drop 1. The collection features three collectibles and celebrates the intersection of art, design, and sci-fi culture, with a nod to Rashid’s childhood days. HOMMI Drop 1 introduces QUENTIN Play, ATLAS Max, and ARLO Checker, three artbots that spark a sense of wonder and joy.
Standing 13" tall (33 cm) and made of resin, each collectible is handcrafted and ensures the high-quality of one-of-a-kind pieces. HOMMI’s first collection captures the brand’s goal to create essential collectibles for art lovers worldwide. The three designer toys in Drop 1 are limited editions and are the cornerstone of new collections to come, bringing together international artists for more exciting collaborations. QUENTIN Play brightens up any room. A nod to classic joysticks and controllers, he keeps things fun thanks to a playful design with a twist of contemporary aesthetics. ATLAS Max takes you on a nostalgic journey back in time to the Edgy Eighties, combining its sleek design with a dash of individuality. ARLO Checker embodies curiosity and self-expression with a friendly design. With a visor adorning its face, this artbot ignites a sense of wonder. Head on over HERE right now to snag these massive resin art multiples up!

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