Wonderbot, Bwana Spoons, Paint, Soft Vinyl, New Instagram... yeah, this post has it all!

New from Vinyl Wonder... Wonderbot DIY soft vinyl toy kits are finally here! Only $28 at vinylwonder.com. Whether you're a toymaking veteran or brand new to the scene, the Wonderbot covers all the bases - affordable, open run, small, manageable, and easily customizable without being too simple.
On top of that, they also got new airbrush paint sets available, including a very special one - the Bwana Spoons Signature Set - specially curated by Bwana himself, featuring 4 of his favorite Vinyl Wonder colors + 1 signature color "Midnight Bwana" designed in collaboration with the artist. Comes with a blank GID Wonderbot kit that you can paint on too. And they just started up an official instagram account for Vinyl Wonder @vinylwonderpaint. If you're on there, please give it a follow.

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