Strangecat Toys presents: The Corny Cruisers by Stephanie Buscema - Preorder announced!

Strangecat Toys has teamed up, once again, with artist Stephanie Buscema as they are excited to launch the pre-order of Stephanie's "The Corny Cruisers" art toys! A true race to the death, these spectral speeders are a preorder item. If they don’t meet the minimum during this preorder period... these cruisers get canned (SUSPENSE💀)! Will there be a winner? Possibly two?! Or will both get the 🪓 before even having a chance to haunt the drag strip???🪦 Friends, their fate lies in your hands... crafted out of high-grade resin and limited to 50 pieces each, you have your choice of "Willa The Way-Out Witch" with her Corn Cob Cruiser (3” Wide, 6” High, 8.25” Long) AND/OR "Nigel The Necromancer" with his Ghostly Gourd Racer (6.50” Wide WITH bat wings, 5.75” High, 3.25” Long). These are up for grabs for $150 each or snag the set for $300... and seeing as they are at 80% funded so far, I can see these crossing th finish line before the pre-order period ends. Go HERE now to snag them up!

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