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The Corn-y Monster: A Hilariously Bizarre Art Creation by Chris Caraveo of Bomb Arte!

Chris Caraveo, owner of Bomb Arte, is a brand new start up company producing art toys and other collectibles. This is a small business and Chris is excited to announce the launch of his first piece, "Corn-y Monster"! Have you ever seen a piece of art that makes you question reality and erupt into laughter at the same time? Look no further than the outlandish creation of Artist Chris Caraveo - The Corn-y Monster. This captivating art piece tells an unconventional story, one that aims to discourage people from indulging in the delicious yet often misunderstood vegetable - corn. With a cheeky sense of humor, Caraveo conjures up a character that is bound to tickle your funny bone, but also deliver a subtle cautionary message.
The Corn-y Monster, as he is lovingly nicknamed, emerges as a colossal kernel, sporting an astonishing wardrobe that adds to his whimsical appeal. Dressed in nothing less than tighty whities, long retro socks, and quirky brown slippers, this mesmerizing creature embodies everything "corny" in the most literal sense. So, brace yourself for an extraordinary encounter with the Corn-y Monster. Prepare to be amused, surprised, and just a little bit horrified by this strange yet captivating art creation. Whether or not it succeeds in its mission to deter corn consumption, one thing is certain - The Corn-y Monster will have you laughing while still looking over your shoulder every time you are about to enjoy some corn. This resin figure stands 5" tall and is limited to just 10 pieces... grab one HERE for $119.95 today!

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