"Muktuk" custom Canbot by Gorgocho!

When a custom this good comes across your news feed... you just gaoota share it! Charles Rodriguez aka Gorgocho has put in a serious amount of time on this piece, and I love how just by looking at it, it tells a story. Using a 5.5" tall vinyl Canbot as a base, Charles went to town adding his signature 'cut in/away' texture along with some really clean sculpted elements and a neat stand that pulls the entire figure together showcasing this character "Muktuk" floating away on a homemade iceberg sailboat... the water flow is so rad, and it's just such a cool figure! This was created for a private collector... that being said, if you want to follow Charles work, do so HERE via his Instagram and feel free to reach out to him if you would like a custom for your own collection!

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