DDTStore x ESOW x AllRightsReserved - NIGHT SHIFT vinyl art toy released!

Japan based artist ESOW teamed up with the folks over at AllRightsReserved once again to release a rad looking new art toy... Night Shift! Crafted out of vinyl, Night Shift showcases a silly looking character in ESOW's seemingly unmistakable black/white geometric pattern as he holds a couple rattle cans with a dubious look on his face... what's this guy gonna get into now! The really cool retro vibe this figure gives off hits me in the feels, and I just love that beer crate that the figure comes with, which he can stand on, or put on his head! Limited to 200 pieces and standing 8.5" tall, this figure sold out instantly for HK$1750($224), but you can sign up for a wait list if any order get canceled!

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