Candy Cornelius "Grimacing" colorway from Alex Pardee... put this in your Grimace shake!

Back in 2020... yeah, the start of that whole Covid thing, artist Alex Pardee launched a No Con event where he released a fast food-inspired edition of his popular Cornelius candy corn vinyl art toy. Candy Corn doesn't just haunt Halloween anymore. Based off of Alex Pardee's evil-candy characters and accompanying enamel pin set, “The Candemons”, comes the first of 6 classic candy-coated vinyl-collectible demons to crawl from your candy bowl: Candy Cornelius. This purply fall favorite sports that trademark Brightmares grin. Have one haunt your collection today! The Grimacing edition — produced by 3DRetro — features shades of purple + white for a menacing, sweet treat. Limited to 100 pieces, our friends over at Tenacious Toys have these up for grabs HERE right now for just $65 a pop!

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