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Espresso Troopers: The Brew Awakens... new art toys from Karmieh Designer Toys!

Introducing the Espresso Trooper: The Brew Awakens resin designer toy, a fusion of Star Wars and espresso culture.... new from Oasim Karmieh of Karmieh Designer Toys! Hand-painted, each collectible has a unique personality, blending nostalgia with artistry. Armed with an espresso instead of a blaster, Espresso Trooper brings a whimsical twist to the classic Stormtrooper, bridging sci-fi and caffeine. Embark on a galactic caffeine adventure as the force of flavor awakens in this imaginative creation. Standing over 7" tall, these stormtroopers exemplify uniqueness, representing limited editions that won't be replicated. Every piece is meticulously hand-crafted, sanded, and painted with utmost care. Each bears a distinct signature and a unique numbering of 1/1. Snag them up HERE right now for just $200 a pop!

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