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Mighty Jaxx Artist Spotligtht: Matt Bailey!

The talented Matt Bailey is no stranger to Mighty Jaxx. An illustrator and tattoo artist by trade, he has collaborated with them on a number of collectibles—the most recent being Keep Me Close. His unique art style captures the beauty of the human body, accentuating certain proportions and features. Yet, he often juxtaposes it with a human skeleton to form a beautiful metaphor. He also uses puns to give each piece a dark, humorous spin. Love (and his appreciation for thiccness, of course) is the inspiration driving his Mighty Jaxx designs; particularly, the inevitable pain associated with it. Mighty Jaxx brought back some of his iconic pieces from their stash, in extremely limited quantities! Now is the perfect time to complete your collection with these pieces!

KEEP IN YOUR HEART (SPECTRE EDITION) - As flesh rots and memories turn to dust, all that’s left is a skeletal structure. Wrapped around his remains is his lover whom he holds dear, even in the face of a death—holding on to her last request, “Keep me in your heart, for I am yours always.”---MATERIAL: POLYSTONE, SIZE: 8”... grab one HERE now!
BREAKOUT (OG AND SPECTRE EDITION) - Flesh tears from bones as a lover experiences the pain of being left behind. Agony, and torment fills her soul, leaving empty with only a black goo that fills her insides. Here she writhes in pain, longing for the day she meets her lover again. The Spectre Edition reimagines this piece in an all-black colorway, using the different textures to create depth instead. --- MATERIAL: POLYSTONE, SIZE: 8”... grab one HERE now!

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