Tenacious Toys x Dokebi - "THRASHER Blue" edition Goblin figure announced!

Bro, Tenacious Toys is super stoked to drop the next variant of the legendary Dokebi's THRASHER Goblin vinyl art toy! This radical dude is a full 8" tall and towers over his little brother Puck, the Lil Painter, which was Chris Dokebi's first art toy. THRASHER Goblin comes with his own skateboard with Danger Dog graphics, AND a killer sticker sheet full of correctly sized mini stickers that you can slap all over the deck of the skateboard!
With chunky skate shoes, a short sleeve hoodie and his tongue hangin out, this gnarly Goblin reminds us a lot of... Benny Kline, the grown up skater man-child that runs Tenacious Toys! Chris Dokebi shares that his initial sculpture of his signature character was in fact a skater - that first 3D sculpture really helped him make a name for himself as people responded to the artwork online. When Dokebi hooked up with Strangecat Toys, they first decided to produce Puck (The Lil Painter) and for their second figure, they returned back to the skater character they now call THRASHER.
Strangecat produced 100 of these rad Tenacious exclusive THRASHER Goblinss. They'll drop in the morning (NY time brah, wake up!) on December 10th at Creatives-Con where Tenacious Toys will have a table there selling the THRASHER Goblins for $125 each. Attendees of Creatives-Con will be able to pick up a THRASHER in person and get the board signed by Benny, and everyone else can pick this THRASHER up at TenaciousToys.com right on the homepage at the same time.

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