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Back to the Future x YARMS: Doc Brown & Marty McFly (Part 2)... new from Mighty Jaxx!

Guess who’s back—back to the future? Marty and Doc make their return to Mighty Jaxx in their iconic Part 2 outfits! Sculpted in the style of YARMS Studio, they hold memorabilia important to the second movie: a copy of the Grays Sports Almanac and the futuristic hoverboard. Will they be able to fix the timeline? Or will the butterfly effect of their actions lead the world down a darker path? Join the time-traveling action with Back To The Future Part 2 by YARMS! Featuring both Doc Brown (Standing 8" tall) and Marty McFly (Standing 7.5" tall), these vinyl figures will be sold as a set and will be up for pre-sale HERE for $349 this coming Saturday, December 10th at 6am PST!

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