Strangecat Toys presents: DeerCat & Friends "WINTER" edition by Amber Aki Huang!

Join DeerCat and Snoo on their bakery delivery route! The folks over at Strangecat Toys are happy to announce the latest in the DeerCat story, DeerCat & Friends... created by artist Amber Aki Huang! This toy includes BOTH DeerCat and Snoo, this pair works diligently at their bakery together! While DeerCat does most of the heavy lifting, Snoo is a very good boy that tries his very best... and looking mighty cute in this all new "WINTER" edition! Deercat stands 6.5" tall and Snoo stands 1.5" tall... this set is limited to just 100 pieces and is set to release HERE this coming Saturday, December 10th at 9am PST for $95 a pop (Ready to ship, not a preorder.)

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