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Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Demopets vinyl blind box series!

SOS—creatures from the Upside Down have been seen in the human world through the Mother Gate! Whether you pick Dustin’s route and raise them as pets, or force them back into their realm, the choice is yours! From the Demogorgon to the kinda cute Demodogs, the entire horde has crossed dimensions. New from Mighty Jaxx, collect all 6 demo-species or find the ultra-rare Eleven herself and save the world. Vecna is carefully watching how things play out. Sitting 3.5" tall, you can snag up a single random box for $12.99 or an entire tray of 6 for $74.99 (no repeats in the tray)... but that elusive 7th figure will be the one to find! These launch HERE on Wednesday, November 30th at 6am PST!

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