Horrible Adorables launch their 'Familiars & Foes' board game on Kickstarter!

Join in the Wondrous World of Horrible Adorables in this fantastical cooperative game of spell-slinging Familiars, fearsome Foes, and cute little Toads! Familiars and Foes is a 1 to 5 player cooperative style game. You take the role of a young spell slinging Familiar trying to rescue your witches and wizards from a horde of evil Foes. Your character begins as a base elemental Familiar (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, or Aether) and you must work to fully evolve your Familiar by completing a series of training tasks.
The game is played in four waves that progressively increase in difficulty. New sets of Foes are revealed with each wave of battle that must be defeated to save your coven. The game is won when all the Foes have been defeated, all the witches and wizards have been rescued, and at least one Familiar is still standing. There all so many pledge levels for this campaign, it will make your head spin, so there is no reason not to support this talented team! So what are you waiting for, head on over HERE right now to help make this game a reality! 

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