Strangecat Toys presents: Zintears 'Bobbi the Baphomet' group art custom show & vinyl toy debut!

This Saturday, September 17th, the folks over at Strangecat Toys will be hosting a group custom show that will feature work on the new Bobbi the Baphomet VINYL toy by Zintears! The group show and vinyl toy launch will be held at the Strangecat Toys Gallery in Tampa, FL at 11am PST!

Strangecat will have 16 custom Bobbi’s, limited run resin Bobbi from Zintears, 4 different art prints, sticker packs and keychains... the artists include: @ghostfoxtoys @fluffriot @mumbot @cassiaharries @kctararuj @owlberrylane @motleymiscreations @valency @sad_salesman @jellykoe @jennycherryart @littlelazies @soko_cat @madkidsth @vanessa_ramirez @simonsaysmacy. Online sales for Bobbi The Baphomet Vinyl (4" tall, 100 pieces, and $75) will be at 11am PST... gallery items from the group show will go live online at 3pm PST!

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