New from Toy Art Gallery - Nether Realm Tyrants "End of Summer" editions announced!

Beat the heat with multiple new editions of the NETHER REALM TYRANTS by RADIOACTIVE UPPERCUT! The END OF SUMMER Editions features the 6 Tyrants in colorways inspired by sweet summer treats! "BOMB POP", "DRUMSTICK", and "SNO CONE" are the flavors that Toy Art Gallery will be slinging... and each colorway includes all NETHER REALM TYRANTS, which are: Cain, Beleaguer, Abel, Pyromancer, Plague Sacrifice, and Mage of Set! They were designed by Radioactive Uppercut, sculpted by Jean St. Jean Studios, and produced by Toy Art Gallery. These will be available this Friday, September 2nd at 12PM PST at toyartgallery.com for only $15 each and $75 per set of 6!

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