"Planetary Pooch" custom Space Puppy micro-run from Horrible Adorables & Han Ning!

Who let the dogs out?!?! Han Ning of Aichiaile is happy to announce the 28th artist custom edition Puppy Tang created by the talented team over at Horrible Adorables... introducing "Planetary Pooch"! "Planetary Pooch is an adventurous pup who traveled to space when he heard that the moon was made out of cheese." The puppy has a soft coat of felt scales, which is signature to the Horrible Adorables style. Its glass eyes details and galactic color palette were inspired by the mysteries of space! This special artist custom edition Puppy Tang stands 5.5" tall and is limited to just 3 pieces, retailing for $250 each, if interested in buying them, send over an email to aichiaile@sina.com to let Han know you would like one for your collection!

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