Force of Art X Ceet Fouad - "M. Chicanos" resin art multiple pre-order announced!

Force of Art is back with another epic release and this go around they are proud to announce that they have collaborated with world famous French graffiti artist, Ceet Fouad, to produce what they are calling "M. Chicanos"... a beautiful new resin art multiple! This bust features the likeness of one Marilyn Monroe... but done up in Ceet's stylistic approach.

Measuring 6"x4"x7", this will release in 2 separate colorway editons, the "Teeth-White" and the "Exlposive-Red" - which I am sure you can see which is which from the photos in this post! Each is limited to 299 pieces and are priced as such - Deposit: $59.99 • Price: $139.99! The pre-order period launches on July 22nd and runs until August 22 with an expected shipping date of Q4 2022! No word on where the pre-order will take place, but you can follow them on their Instagram or their Facebook to stay up to date on this info!

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