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Haus Of Boz custom "Crummp" 3-inch Kidrobot custom Dunny revealed!

Laura Booker aka Loz from Haus Of Boz took a bit of a break from customizing... focusing on herself (As we all should do as well), but she is back and has created a new one-of-a-kind custom 3” Kidrobot Dunny, called Crummp, which has been hand sculpted and hand painted with acrylic and UV resistant varnishes... and how adorable does this little guy look?!?!

"A rustling in the undergrowth, a wobbling in the moss, a disturbance in the leaf litter on the forest floor: It's Crummp. He's been fidgeting around the woodland since he was just a little spore, burying acorns, scattering seeds, and transplanting bulbs from here to there, as good forest carer should. If you see him on your travels, wave to him and he might give you a tiny dirty hand to shake!" This figure will be up for grabs on Thursday the 14th of July at 12Noon PST via her site hausofboz.bigcartel.com, and will be priced at £89.99($106.94) - and do note, this is a 1-off, so if you dig it - you best act fast!

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