Force of Art x Mr. Xiu - "Edo Puppet-Matsunosuke" art toy... Pinocchio with a Ukiyo-e twist!

Reinterperting an age old classic into Japanese Ukiyo-e style, Taiwanese designer Mr. Xiu has teame dup with Force of Art to release a new designer art toy... introducing Edo Puppet-Matsunosuke! "As a descendant of the Shogun family, Matsunosuke was engraved from birth with a vow to abide by Bushido, as long as he did something that violated the spirit of Bushido, a troublesome little pine tree would grow on his nose, and according to legend, as long as girls drank the tea brewed from this pine leaf, they could get a unique appearance, and stay young since then, many unscrupulous women have set their sights on the innocent and kind Matsunosuke!" What a story... and what a cool looking figure!
Can the kind samurai Matsunosuke keep the little pine tree on his nose and escape from the evil woman! The Edo Puppet-Matsunosuke measures 6" long x 8.6" wide x 7.6" tall and is crafted out of PVC and ABS. These will be released HERE on July 29th via pre-order for only $139.99 and will be available until August 29th (when pre-order closes).

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